Services Offered
For Affiliate Partners

AMWSO understands that the key to the success of an Affiliate Partner Program is the support given to the affiliate partners. Without dedicated and motivated affiliate partners, any program is inherently destined for failure. AMWSO is fully aware of this and provides support to our Merchant's Affiliates at a number of levels:

  • Fast Support via Email;
  • Phone calls when requested;
  • Dedicated Support Forums for AMWSO;
  • Presence on core affiliate forums;
  • Anti Parasite Stance : Protecting your revenue;
  • Anti Cookie Stuffer Stance : Protecting your revenue;
  • Free Data Feeds;
  • Free Fast Launch Solutions;
  • Custom Banners Designed on request;
  • Custom Links created on request;
  • Marketing and content creation;
  • AMWSO focused bonus campaigns;
  • Merchant bonus campaigns;
  • Site reviews and suggestions;
  • Affiliate Site Design, Developement and Management Services
  • Affiliate Site Copy Writing Services
  • Discounts on affiliate support tools where we can get them.
  • Ensuring "Best Practices" adhered to by Merchant Partners (Low thresholds, high commission tracking durations) and
  • The implementation of Telephone tracking systems when ever possible.

As mentioned above, for Affiliates that are interested, AMWSO provides site design and development support to build, implement, and manage sites at a very reasonable cost. Contact us for more details to explore the possibility of having AMWSO design and develop a site for you.