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For Merchants

Launching a brand into a foreign market can be an expensive high risk proposition. Even with market research there is no way to be sure whether your product is going to be popular or can compete with similar local products or services. Launching a marketing campaign in a foreign country can be a very expensive, and potentially confusing, proposition. Finding a way to test the market, at a low cost is essential.

Affiliate Marketing, gives you that low cost entry method. By leveraging affiliates to promote your new products to the new market you will soon get feedback, not only from overseas customers but also from professional affiliates who deal with hundreds of merchants. Affiliates are vastly under utilized rsource of information with experience in working with multiple brands and retail sectors. They can, and woll if asked, give very valuable feedback on what you need to do to succeed in their market.

Working on a "cost for success" basis Affiliate marketing allows you to drive a safe ROI while finding out what needs to be done to make a major launch of your product successful. Affiliate marketing can even be effective in driving consumers to surveys that you need done.

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AMWSO also provides support for launching into the US and China markets. Contact us to discuss your plans and how affiliate marketing can play a pivotal role in your business.