Marketing Services Offered

Affiliate Marketing Services

AMWSO offers a wide range of support services for both Merchant and Affiliate Parntners. Please click below to view the support and services offered :

  • Affiliate Program Partner Services and Support for Affiliates. - AMWSO understands that the key to the success of an Affiliate Partner Program is the support given to the affiliate partners. Without dedicated and motivated affiliate partners, any program is inherently destined for failure. AMWSO is fully aware of this and provides support to our partners at a number of levels.
  • Merchant Affiliate Marketing Services and Support. - Running a successful Affiliate Program requires more than a good network and software. The overall success is based on the combination of two things: First, the capability of a program manager to recruit, motivate and communicate with their affiliate marketing partners in order to achieve the objective of driving programs forward. Second, the efficient allocation of resources for creative and programming development. Affiliate marketing is not a stand alone system. It requires an integrated approach that AMWSO can offer.