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For Merchants

The first year of a startup company is often deemed the most critical. Decisions made during this period can have lasting effects throughout the lifetime of the company. Wrong moves can be disastrous, smart ones can have big payoffs. Knowing the difference requires expertise and experience.

AMWSO has over a decade of experience helping startups make the best decisions regarding their online marketing spends. We know how critical it is to make cost effective decisions during this initial period to maximize returns.

Companies have continually relied on the expertise of AMWSO within the affiliate marketing industry. We develop campaigns to increase sales, while at the same time providing a cost effective means for further developing a company's branding objectives. Startups have unique objectives, as well as unique concepts and ideas.

Unfortunately having a unique idea is meaningless unless it's marketed effectively and correctly. We have all been witness to companies that launch with huge fanfare, but then 6 months later have disappeared off-the-map. Innovative and unique companies would never have become "great" had they not been properly marketed. That is what separates them from the millions of other companies out there competing for business. The great ones quickly distinguish themselves within their respective industries.

AMWSO is committed to helping companies distinguish themselves. We take great ideas and young companies and make them successful through proven online ethical marketing strategies. Strategies which leverage the power of affiliate marketing to its fullest potential. Our commitment to start up companies is reinforced with AMWSO providing a substantially reduced service fee for companies that have been operating for less than a year.

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